ISF Supply Chain Cyber Simulation Exercise – Melbourne

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Date and Time 19th June 2024 , 9:30am to 2:00pm AEST
Location In person - Melbourne, Australia
Is your supply chain the weakest link?

Spaces are limited for this event

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, organisations are increasingly pushing the boundaries of innovation. As suppliers struggle to keep pace, your capacity to swiftly diagnose and mitigate information risks within the supply chain is critical.

We invite you to join a select group of ISF Members and non-Members to participate in an exclusive Supply Chain Cyber Simulation Exercise, delivered by our experienced team in Melbourne, Australia.

This event offers a rare opportunity to interact with influential business leaders and top-level executives spanning various industries. Immerse yourself in a dynamic scenario where you’ll navigate through a simulated cyber-attack targeting the supply chain of a fictitious organisation.


By the end of this simulation, you will be able to:
  • Assess your ability to identify and manage critical risks.
  • Apply best practices for conducting Cyber Simulation Exercises within your organisation.
  • Leverage support across your enterprise to effectively combat all stages of a supply chain attack with confidence.

Your Experts

Spaces are limited for this event, please register now or contact Tony Guerrero to confirm your place


Tony Guerrero

Country Manager - ANZ


Callum Moore

Senior Consultant - Cyber Simulation Exercise Program Lead

Respond to cyber incidents with confidence

Incorporating Cyber Simulation Exercises is essential for comprehensive cyber security testing strategies. Leveraging extensive knowledge and hands-on know-how, ISF professionals collaborate with your team to craft tailored scenarios that provide long-lasting impact.

Put your Organisation to the test
Is your supply chain the weakest link?

Spaces are limited for this event