Keeping Pace with Cybersecurity by Scaling IT Governance and Data Risk Management

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Date and Time 20th October 2022 , 11:00am BST
Location Online

How to Reinforce Your IT Risk Program in a “Not If, But When” Incident Environment

The post-digital transformation reality has exposed businesses differently across newly adopted IoT eco-systems and expanding regulations targeting cyber negligence. Exposure has been realised as incidents have increased in frequency, cost, and complexity. From business engagement to technology risk oversight, an integrated strategy is essential to reinforcing and measuring your InfoSec risk program.

In this session, Jorge highlights some of the latest market insights from InfoSec leaders, peers, and industry analysts, examining the driving factors behind business challenges in managing risk. He also discusses how scaling your approach to managing IT and data assets, risks, controls and policies can deliver a more complete picture to better measure and inform program investments.

Key takeaways:

  • how to evaluate your current IT-ecosystem and centralise key data points to enhance visibility to risk across critical areas of the business
  • enhance risk response by aligning with the business to transition from low to high trust risk and security culture
  • identify areas for efficiency gains to focus on strategic program investment.