Managing Information Risk: Insurance Industry Roundtable

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Date and Time 09th March 2021 , 10:00am

Catch up on our recent roundtable event where our expert panel discussed how European insurance companies can improve their cybersecurity and risk posture to face potential threats in 2021.

In this session, our speakers provide an overview of how they protect against malicious cyber attacks and how being proactive in maturing their approaches to cybersecurity is essential.

Despite the unexpected, complex and far-reaching circumstances faced by risk management and security functions worldwide, the verdict is clear – planning pays off. Those who had invested in resilience planning and testing have reaped the benefits, by following established processes and procedures to respond quickly.

About our speakers

Iwona Muchin

Information Security & Data Protection Officer at Ageas Group

In her role as Chief Information Security Officer & Data Protection Officer at Ageas Group, Iwona is responsible for development of the Information Security framework as well as for oversight of its implementation across Ageas organisations.

Mathieu Cousin

Threat Anticipation Lead at AXA

Mathieu Cousin is the Threat Anticipation Lead for AXA Group Security. Part of this role includes building two security threat outlooks which detail upcoming threats, innovations and regulations likely to affect AXA’s security posture and strategy. He also currently leads the development of AXA’s Threat Management Framework.

Before AXA, Mathieu spent six years as a research analyst and security researcher, delivering reports on upcoming threats, future techniques and security technologies as well as emerging regulations affecting security operations. This included four years at the ISF and serving as the Chapter Agent for the Francophone Chapter. Currently, Mathieu sits on the ISF Advisory Council.

Jeroen Prinse

Security Architect at Aegon

Jeroen Prinse is Security Architect at Aegon in the Netherlands. He is an information security professional who considers the Great Canyon sized gap between “the business” and “information security” his home and has been successfully translating InfoSec speak to management speak for 15+ years now across multiple security roles within the Finance, Technology and Logistic industries.

Bruce Page

Head of Consultancy at ISF

Bruce Page is Head of Consultancy for the ISF. In this role he works with CISOs and their teams to improve their organisations’ resilience against cyber threats; better understand the business risks associated with security vulnerabilities; increase security awareness among non-IT audiences, and to deploy and leverage the ISF’s industry-leading toolset.