Preparing for a Cyber Crisis: The ISF approach

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Date and Time 19th July 2022 , 11:00am to 12:00pm BST
Location Online

High-impact cyber attacks frequently make news headlines for all the wrong reasons and can cause significant financial, operational and reputational damage. Managing the crisis can be the difference between survival and destruction.

As cyber threats become more sophisticated, incident response, crisis management, business continuity and disaster recovery plans will be pushed to breaking point. One way of preparing the organisation for a cyber crisis is stress-testing these plans by performing cyber security exercises, which can increase awareness, empower the workforce and improve resilience.

Watch this webinar from ISF Senior Solutions Analyst, Daniel Norman, where he details how you can:

  • increase awareness amongst key stakeholders about the nature and scale of cyber incidents
  • design realistic, impactful cyber attack simulations and playbooks
  • effectively stress-test crisis management, business continuity and disaster recovery plans.