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Taking a Holistic View of Cybercrime: ISF and European Commission report

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Date and Time 24th February 2022
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On Thursday 24th February at 13:00 GMT, Aman Behl, Research Analyst at the ISF, discussed the key findings of a European Commission research report on cyber-related strategies, laws, initiatives, law enforcement and data in eight countries.

In this session we will be exploring:

  • The work being done to investigate cybercrime at a European level
  • Five tools that will work in harmony to combat cybercrime
  • Recommendations to improve the current state of counter-cybercrime measures.

Aman Behl is a Research Analyst at the ISF, helping Members to manage current and emerging information and cyber risks. As part of the ISF’s Risk Transformation Practice, Aman works with Members to build and implement high-performance and business-driven information risk management capabilities. Aman is also the co-author of the European Commission research report reviewing and analysing cybersecurity legislation and policies.