Human-Centred Security: Effectively managing behaviour

Date and Time 12th October 2021 , 1:00pm
Location Online
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On Tuesday 12th October at 13:00 BST, Dan Norman, Senior Solutions Analyst at the ISF will be discussing Human-Centred Security and how to effectively manage behaviour.

In this session we will be addressing:

  • The vulnerabilities in human behaviour that make them susceptible to manipulation
  • The key factors that influence security behaviour
  • Strategies and initiatives to protect the workforce and to effectively manage security behaviour.

About Dan

Dan Norman is a Senior Solutions Analyst at the ISF, helping ISF Members to manage current and emerging information/cyber risks. Dan’s historical focus has been on threat intelligence and technology forecasting, with emphasis on running cyber security exercises to prepare organisations for future threats. Dan is also the lead author of the human-centred security research series, which leverages psychological theory to understand manipulative attack techniques and identifies how weaknesses in the human mind can lead to security incidents.