6 Ways to Stop the Loss of IT Assets to Remote Workers

Published 08 - August - 2019
Source: Channel Futures
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Some remote workers work full-time outside of company walls. Others telecommute when travelling on business or when stuck at home because of illness or adverse weather. Further, distributed teams, comprised of remote workers working together, is becoming the norm, according to WeWork. Unfortunately, a lot of the employer’s IT assets get permanently lost to remote workers who have moved on to a new role or team, up to a higher job position, or out of the company.

Trust but verify, and then keep verifying.

“Employees who pass initial vetting and background checks may now or in the future face any number of situations that entice them to break that trust: pressure through intimidation; being passed over for promotion; extortion or blackmail; offers of large amounts of money; or simply a change in personal conditions. Organizations reliant on existing mechanisms to ensure the trustworthiness of employees and contracted parties with access to sensitive information will find those mechanisms insufficient,” said Steve Durbin, managing director of the Information Security Forum.