7 Steps to Combat Cybersecurity Threats in Times of Instability

Steve Durbin
Published 18 - May - 2022
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Governments, NATO and military organisations now recognise cyberspace as a ‘domain of operations’ or the fifth operational battlefield, with the other four being land, sea, air, and space. As the world becomes hyperconnected, cyber threats will prevail, becoming more rampant and dominant, causing a permanent societal impact. In this new world order, the only means by which governments and organisations can achieve cyber resilience is by preparing themselves for any kind of disruption, conflict, or instability.

Below are steps organisations and security teams can follow for understanding potential threats in times of instability and be better armed for any sort of contingency.

  1. Determine if your entity is a target
  2. Conduct regular testing
  3. Monitor the developing situation
  4. Ascertain whether the business has digital assets in destabilized regions
  5. Build an asset isolation plan
  6. Fine-tune action plans against existential cyber threats
  7. Maintain engagement with stakeholders through periods of instability.

As digital transformation initiatives sweep across all industries and become standardised, there is a high likelihood they will grow to become increasingly weaponised. The devastation wrought by cyberattacks will be profound and business threatening. It’s time organisations accept this reality and adopt a proactive approach to prepare for any kind of eventuality.

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7 Steps to Combat Cybersecurity Threats in Times of Instability
Read the full article on Security Magazine