Defending the Enterprise From the Coming Wave of Ransomware Attacks

Published 26 - July - 2019
Source: Database Trends and Applications
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Ransomware attacks faded from the headlines after the notorious WannaCry outbreak in 2017 and the frequency of attacks declined in 2018. And yet, with ransomware threats seemingly in the rearview mirror, cybersecurity experts and the Information Security Forum’s 2018 Global Security Threat Outlook are suddenly forecasting a major resurgence of ransomware this year.

Why? Because ransomware never went away—it simply changed.

In the past, threat actors targeted any vulnerable computer they could find. Now, they’re targeting enterprise networks with cryptojacking malware. And with 80% of enterprise workloads migrating to the cloud by 2020, that means the cloud is set to become the next battleground in enterprise cybersecurity.