How the C-Suite Can Build Tomorrow’s Cyber Security Workforce

Published 24 - May - 2019
Source: CEO Insight
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The people, processes and technology that protect digital resources and manage cyber risk are essential to sustaining businesses and societies. Even so, in many enterprises, CEOs are just beginning to fully engage in cyber security strategy and leadership. The good news is that these executives are paying much more attention to the security measures protecting their organisation’s assets, data, employees and customers than ever before. The cautionary tales, doomsday scenarios, and the threat of public embarrassment have made an impression.

However, senior executives at organisations of all sizes still understand that the global economy is not adequately protected against cyber-attacks, despite years of effort and annual spending in the multi-billion-dollar range. Added to that, shortfalls in cyber skills and capabilities are manifesting as major security incidents damage organisational performance and reputation.