How to Avoid Cyber Threats by Disgruntled Employees

Published 25 - July - 2019
Source: Rewterz
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Disgruntled employees can prove to be the biggest threat for the cyber security of an organisation as they have access to confidential information as well as the motive to exploit or expose it. According to ISF research, 54% of data breaches occurred because of insiders, therefore, there should be a careful systematic approach to handle them and aggression should be avoided.

Are Disgruntled Employees a Cyber Threat?

Statistics show that disgruntled employees are capable of practically harming an organisation’s reputation. At the very least, they may steal propriety information for personal benefits or identity theft, and they may expose customer data or company’s financial information to unauthorized people.

Initially, it is best to avoid any reasons that could get an employee disgruntled. Employees should feel respected and their hard work should be appreciated through rewards. However, if employees still remain unsatisfied, make sure to implement strong measures in your organization to save your company’s confidential information from disgruntled employees in every way possible.