Incoming Cyber Threats: Is Your Organization Prepared?

Published 27 - March - 2019
security magazine
Source: Security Magazine
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Enterprises will face nine major threats, including vulnerabilities in software and other applications, state-backed espionage with emerging technology and malware feats and manipulated machine learning, says Threat Horizon 2021 from the Information Security Forum (ISF).
“By 2021 the world will be heavily digitized,” says Steve Durbin, Managing Director, ISF. The top cyber security concern moving forward, he says, is “technology and society’s overdependence on it”, as it “continues to enable innovative digital business models. The race to develop the next generation of super-intelligent machines is in full swing and technology will continue to be ever more intertwined with everyday life. This new hyper-connected digital era creates an impression of stability, security and reliability. However, this illusion when coupled with heightened global mistrust and rising geopolitical tensions, will give rise to ever more sophisticated and pervasive cyber threats that are targeted and disruptive, making the operating environment for business increasingly volatile. Technology will intrude into many aspects of personal and working life, creating a digital-centric, always-connected society that raises fundamental questions around social well-being.”