Information Security Forum Report Examines How to Deliver an Effective Cyber Security Exercise

Published 27 - February - 2019

The Information Security Forum (ISF), trusted resource for executives and board
members on cyber security and risk management, today launched Delivering an
Effective Cyber Security Exercise. This latest digest provides a structured approach
for exercise controllers and facilitators to prepare, run and follow-up cyber
security exercises.

Cyber security exercises can cover a range of tests or simulations,
which are often based on cyber-attack scenarios. The scale, complexity,
duration and scope of these exercises can differ depending on
what the organization wants to achieve. Organizations can perform
exercises in isolation or complete them as part of a wider program of
cyber security testing. In many cases, ISF members find that running
cyber security exercises as part of a wider program can reduce costs,
improve efficiencies and support the application of lessons learnt
across the organization.