Steps to Prevent Data Breaches

Published 07 - February - 2019
Source: The Threat Report
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Normally, it takes around 6-months for an organization to realize that their system is infected with malware or data breach. This is a good time for the hackers to play around and get the maximum out of it. So it is quite obvious that the organization will not have enough time in hand to mitigate the incident at a quick pace. So it is always a good initiative that the organization should have best practice in place to keep their infrastructure safe.

The fundamental thing of cybersecurity best practice is to be able to respond for an incident that meets all of the needs for compliance, business operations, and threat mitigation. Every business operations related to your business is the lifeline and needs constant attention.

Pravin Kothari, CEO of CipherCloud says “Your security operations center team must continually strive to reduce this number,” he said. “Anything measured in days, let alone weeks or months is unacceptable as this allows the attackers to exfiltrate data.”