Threat Horizon 2021: The Cyber Attacks Businesses Need to Prepare for Now

Published 16 - April - 2019
Source: Corporate Compliance Insights
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ISF’s Steve Durbin details findings from the firm’s recent Threat Horizon 2021 report, highlighting the top three threats to information security emerging in the next two years.

Information security threats are intensifying every day. Organizations risk becoming disoriented and losing their way in a maze of uncertainty as they grapple with complex technology, data proliferation, increased regulation and a debilitating skills shortage.

By 2021, the world will be even more heavily digitized. Technology will enable innovative digital business models, and society will be critically dependent on technology to function. This new hyperconnected digital era will create an impression of stability, security and reliability. However, it will prove to be an illusion that is shattered by new vulnerabilities, relentless attacks and disruptive cyber threats.

The race to develop the next generation of super-intelligent machines will be in full swing, and technology will be intertwined with everyday life. Coupled with heightened global mistrust and rising geopolitical tensions, this will lead to a cyber threat that is relentless, targeted and disruptive. The operating environment for business will become increasingly volatile.