Gareth Haken

Principal Analyst

Gareth Haken is a Principal Analyst with the Tools and Methodologies team and is the lead author for the Standard of Good Practice (SOGP) 2020 and 2022.


Gareth has been with the ISF for 5 years and has been involved in many initiatives in that time, including 2 ½ years as the IRAM2 project manager, where he delivered numerous training workshops around the world. Current involvements, aside from the SOGP, include promotion and Member support for quantitative risk analysis using the ISF QIRA methodology and joint management of the ISF’s suite of web applications, including SOGP and IRAM2.

His areas of expertise include risk management, software development, cyber-crime investigation and some of the more technical elements of information security, such as malware investigation, network analysis and security testing. Gareth has also completed a MSc Degree in Information Security at Royal Holloway and authored a research paper on the Security of Apple Pay, which in 2017 was presented at the 3rd ACM Cyber-Physical System Security Workshop in Abu Dhabi. Gareth also has a deep interest in societal issues surrounding Information security, such as the effects of cyberwarfare and the industrialisation of private data collection by commercial entities.

Gareth worked for a variety of organisations before taking employment with the ISF, including The British Army, National Crime Agency and British Telecom.