Lee Munson

Principal Research Analyst

Lee Munson is a Principal Research Analyst at the Information Security Forum (ISF). His work involves investigating, clarifying, and sharing best practice with ISF Member organisations.


Since joining the ISF in August 2022, Lee has co-authored Threat Horizon 2025 and authored the Vulnerability Management: Beyond patching and Demystifying Encryption Key Management briefing papers. He is currently working on a new Insights series of papers focusing on AI.

Lee has over fifteen years’ experience in and around the information security industry. Prior to joining the ISF, he set up and ran a security awareness program for one of the world’s largest media groups before moving into threat intelligence, focusing on crimeware and nation state threat actors.

In his spare time Lee is a fanatical Liverpool FC supporter and has a keen interest in history, especially ancient Egypt, a place he has visited several times in his quest to understand the origins of human civilization. On the weekend he can be found hurtling around the countryside is his convertible or brushing up on his knowledge of cyberwarfare.