Luka Ivezic

Lead Cyber Security Consultant

An expert and evangelist of 5G, OT, IoT, and AI cybersecurity.


Luka Ivezic is a Lead cybersecurity consultant for the Information Security Forum. His specialties are in Security and Risk assessments and Cyber Strategy.

Luka oversees the ISF’s portfolio of security control and regulatory assessment services. He is the resident expert on EU regulations, as well as strategy and best practices for emerging technologies such as AI, OT and IoT. Finally, he tailors ISF’s services to address common challenges for ISF’s EU members such as those arising from legislative changes (eg: NIS 2, DORA, CRA, RED).

Having previously worked at Deloitte and PwC, he has had a technology-forward approach from day one having been at various points in his career an expert and evangelist of 5G, OT, IoT, and AI cybersecurity. He has previously led consulting engagements in the fields of OT, ICS, Product security and Cyber strategy for major semi-conductor manufacturers. He is an author of an amazon bestseller from 2019 “leadership in the age of AI” that predicted and provided recommendations to corporate leaders on the coming changes from AI. These well acknowledged materials have since been used to teach courses in top educational institutions such as by Tufts university in Boston.