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Blockchain and Security: Safety in Numbers

Cut through the hype around blockchain
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Understanding the potential security risks related to blockchain and how they can be addressed, is vital for any organisation planning to use it as the basis for developing applications.

Despite a decade of evolution, blockchain technology remains volatile and could still change dramatically over the coming months and years.

Blockchain and Security: Safety in Numbers is designed for CISO’s and business leaders, who would like to understand the potential security risks that come along with blockchain technology.

It illustrates aligned potential security risks and mitigation for those who understand and enjoy the benefits of blockchain technology, but also know it is important to separate the hype from reality and be up to speed on any potential security risks.

For a high-level overview, download our complimentary briefing paper excerpt, which covers:

  • What is blockchain?
  • Performing a blockchain transaction
  • Alignment with blockchain security issues