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Cybersecurity Solutions for a Riskier World

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How business and government can protect themselves in the emerging risk landscape
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ThoughtLab, in partnership with the ISF, conducted a survey of 1,200 executives across 16 countries, to answer the question: How can organisations drive the best cybersecurity performance in a world of escalating digital risks?

Cybersecurity is no longer just an IT issue: it is a strategic imperative for business and government and now a core area of risk. Yet many organizations are not prepared for what lies ahead.

This evidence-based research report details 10 best practices that can reduce the probability of incidents and material breaches, or quicken the time to detect, respond to and mitigate an attack.

  1. Take cyber security maturity to the highest level
  2. Ensure cybersecurity budgets are adequate
  3. Build a rigorous risk-based approach
  4. Make cybersecurity people-centric
  5. Secure the supply chain
  6. Develop an integrated platform of latest technologies
  7. Prioritise protection of linked IT and OT assets
  8. Harness intelligent automation
  9. Improve controls for expanded attack surfaces
  10. Do more to measure performance