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ICS Insights:
Organic convergence

Positively impact your security objectives
Merge your OT and ICS environments now

In 2021, 70% of ICS environments had an external connection, more than double the environments in 2020.

Organisations around the world rely on Industrial Control systems (ICS) assets and environments to support their business operations and processes. Through innovations in ICS technology and broader digital transformation, these assets are increasingly breaking out of what were previously isolated environments and reaching out to external networks and even the internet, dramatically adjusting the attack surface.

ICS Insights is a series of papers that will help build a programme that will assist organisations in effectively securing the ICS environment. The first paper is Organic convergence which explains what an ICS environment is and how it links to IT and OT. As well as helping to understand the differences in knowledge, skills and responsibilities between the information security and ICS teams.

Has your organisation considered the complexity of environments within its ICS security controls? Download the paper now.