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ISF CISO Briefing: Adapting to a New World

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ISF CISO Briefing: Adapting to a New World
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We are now operating in a new world and one unrecognisable from 2019. Society, commerce and our lives have been disrupted on a level not experienced by many generations.

As countries implement exit strategies from lockdown, the fallout from COVID-19 has presented a complex set of interrelated factors, causing a ripple effect that impacts the global economy, every geographic region and all industry sectors. This cascade effect reaches deep into every organisation, including the office of the CISO.

Purpose of this paper

The paper is influenced by the circumstances following the COVID-19 outbreak and views the post-crisis landscape from the perspective of the CISO. It addresses the global economic situation, explores post response circumstances faced by organisations as they adapt to a new operating model and introduces a set of considerations for CISOs to prioritise.