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Securing Containers: Keeping pace with change

Secure containers using an effective mix of people, process and technology
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Securing Containers at Speed

Organisational use of Containers has been increasing rapidly, rising from 23% to 92% in a 4-year period. Production environments are starting to rely heavily on Containers, and while these bring great benefits to an organisation, they are also a source of information risk. Information security professionals need to understand how to secure containerised environments.

This briefing paper explores what Containers are, the organisational benefits that can be realised and the related risks. It provides guidance on how to secure containers, using an effective mix of the people, processes and technology at the organisation’s disposal. The paper outlines how efforts to secure Containers can be the catalyst for the information security team to empower other teams to truly take responsibility for security, providing training, guidance and tools and supporting the move to DevSecOps.


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