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Securing Mobile Apps: Embracing mobile, balancing control

Securing Mobile Apps
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The availability of mobile apps and mobile devices presents organisation with a conundrum. On the one hand, the business benefits from apps are there for the taking; whether in terms of productivity, revenue, or as a direct channel to customers. On the other hand, whilst apps can deliver the required functionality, it is often not apparent that they are suitable as business applications. Look below the surface and apps may be insecure or not business-grade.

Securing Mobile Apps: Embracing mobile, balancing control, describes the nine main challenges that organisations face from mobile apps. It also provides a risk-based flexible approach to help find the right balance between securing mobile apps and exploiting the benefits of mobile apps. Employees, familiar with obtaining, deploying and using apps in their personal life, are often tempted to use them in the workplace without authorisation and without knowledge of their employer‚ IT or information security function. The result is that neither the employee nor the organisation is aware of the information risk associated with the use of unauthorised apps.