Becoming a Leader of the Future: Learning to let go and trust your gut

Thom Dennis
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What might organisational leadership look like in the next decade or two?

Thom Dennis, Founder and CEO of Serenity in Leadership joins ISF CEO Steve Durbin to share his perspectives on the complexities of modern organisational leadership. Drawing from his extensive experience, Thom highlights the overwhelming nature of leadership roles in today’s fast-paced environment, suggesting future leaders embrace uncertainty and trust their intuition  to navigate complex challenges successfully.

…I think leaders of the future have got to become just a little bit less cerebral, and more in touch with their inner knowing… acknowledging that you can’t swim back up river; you’ve got to go with it…

Tune in to hear more about:

  1. Trust, fear, and delegation in leadership (3:56)
  2. Creating space for focus, trust, and organizational leadership evolution (11:29)
  3. Leadership evolution, prioritizing people over analysis, and fostering trust and community in organizations (17:22)