Boosting Business Success: Unleashing the potential of human and AI collaboration

Steve Durbin
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Steve Durbin, ISF CEO is joined by Tavia Gilbert to review how ISF’s early predictions on AI’s threat evolution, like deepfakes and industrialised cyber-attacks have materialised. Steve makes a compelling case for human and AI collaboration in work practices, balanced with the board’s role in understanding and strategically integrating AI into the business.

…boards of directors … need to consider how AI may disrupt the company’s business and industry, and the strategic implications and risks associated with AI products…

Tune in to hear more about:
1. AI’s impact on cybersecurity, including industrialised high-impact attacks and manipulation of data (0:00)
2. AI collaboration with humans, focusing on benefits and risks (4:12)
3. AI adoption in organisations, cybersecurity risks, and board involvement (11:09)
4. AI governance, risk management, and ethics (15:42)