Bringing your home to work

Reggie Butler
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In this podcast, Steve Durbin, Chief Executive of the ISF speaks with Reggie Butler, Founder and CEO of Performance Paradigm LLC, an executive education, human capital consultancy. Their conversation focuses on what we’ve learned through the experience of working from home during the pandemic, strategies for uniting teams even while socially distanced, and why leaders should model vulnerability and transparency now more than ever.

Reggie Butler

​Reggie is an expert with ​over 30  years of experience in delivering transformative learning solutions within the private and corporate sectors, so he’s the perfect person to hear from ​as workplaces and workforces continue to deal with transformation during Covid 19.

You have to move from being reactive to responsive. Now, when you’re reactive, the decisions are a lot shorter, and you make them pretty quick without a lot of thought—doesn’t mean, it’s not thought, it’s just not a lot. When you’re responsive, you pause before you make the decision that may impact a group of people.