Communication: Listen and be heard

Dame Inga Beale
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ISF Chief Executive, Steve Durbin talks with Dame Inga Beale, the former CEO of Lloyd’s of London, about the role that listening played when she became the first (and only) female CEO in Lloyd’s more than 300-year history. They also discuss the courage and effectiveness of simplicity in communication, a new style of leadership built on trust, and career advice for both board members and security professionals who are relatively new to the industry.

Dame Inga Beale

Inga is a businesswoman and the former CEO of Lloyd’s of London, the first woman to be promoted to this position in over three centuries of the company’s history. She is known for leading the global insurance and reinsurance market for five years, embedding modernisation and cultural change during her tenure. Throughout her career, Inga has been a strong proponent of inclusion and equality in the workplace and talks from experience about how to build an environment where people from all walks of life feel valued and can thrive at work.

So the art of communication gets you a long way. And often people think complexity will make them look good. So they’ll build a complex message…Whereas actually, it’s the simplification of that message…