Empowering Your Team: Lessons from a sports coach

Randy Jackson and Steve Durbin
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What commonalities exist between sports, and business leadership? 

Steve Durbin interviews Randy Jackson, a renowned football coach known for transforming struggling teams. Randy, also a business consultant, discusses the parallels between sports and business. He shares insights from his transition from coaching in Texas to Germany, stressing the significance of relationships, shared vision, and core values in aligning the team’s efforts towards a common goal.

Leaders must have a relationship with the team where they’re willing to tell you, hey… this is a bad idea, this is going to end up in a disaster…

Tune in to hear more about:

1. Establishing a shared vision, charting a collective course. (3:50)
2. Staying vocal as a leader. (6:05)
3. Whether something goes to plan or not, an autopsy of the scenario can be a helpful way forward. (10:06)