Exploring Careers: Security audit

Aarti Ajay, Einat Segal, Deepak Uniyal, Bharat Thakrar and Mark Ward
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In this third installment of the ‘Exploring Careers’ series, which puts infosec careers under the microscope, experienced security auditors – Aarti Ajay, Einat Segal, and Deepak Uniyal – join ISF Analyst and podcast host Mark Ward, along with ISF Principal Consultant Bharat Thakrar, to discuss auditing. Together, they delve into the role, its responsibilities, misconceptions about auditors, potential future developments, and what individuals opting for this career path can anticipate in their day-to-day activities.


…As an auditor, I always say – I’m a nice person, but my report may not be nice, but I have a genuine interest to help you…