From Cartels to Crypto: The digitalisation of money laundering

Geoff White
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Organised criminal networks are increasingly adopting sophisticated digital tactics to protect their financial gains. In this enlightening conversation, Steve Durbin, ISF CEO, and investigative tech journalist Geoff White, discuss the interplay between different levels of cybercrime, from nation-states to hacktivists, and how tactics and tools, such as AI, trickle down and spread. Geoff explains that while legitimate businesses innovate to attract customers, criminal organisations only innovate when necessary to counter the law.

…You know, you need to defend every kind of portal, every kind of server, or every kind of system….

Tune in to hear more about:
  1. Cybercrime evolution, nation-state involvement, and tactics (3:31)
  2. AI use in cybercrime, potential for innovation and defense (8:29)
  3. Cybercrime and money laundering, with a focus on the role of technology and law enforcement (11:45)
  4. Cybercrime, crypto, and organized crime evolution (15:59)