Geopolitical Conflict: Are CISOs ready to tackle the impact?

Nicholas Witchell and Steve Durbin
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The world order is in a precarious position, with cyber-attacks becoming  more intricate and relentless – a consequence of escalating regional conflicts. Interviewed by journalist Nicholas WitchellSteve Durbin returns to the ‘cyber hot seat’ to share his advice on the mitigation measures CISOs can undertake to safeguard business continuity in a world embroiled in geopolitical tensions.

…Create a safe haven of certain components…because the further you move away from that, the less control you’ll have, the more risk you’ll introduce…

Tune in to hear :

  1. Nick Witchell ask Steve Durbin about companies’ overall readiness to address cyber risks in a global context. (4:07)
  2. Steve Durbin reflects on misinformation and disinformation in the age of social media. (7:19)
  3. Where business leaders can find support. (11:00)