Global Disruption

Steve Durbin
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Today is the start of a new season focusing on global disruption. It will feature a mix of conversations between Steve Durbin, CEO of the ISF, our host Tavia Gilbert, and expert guests.

This episode provides a summary of the themes that will be explored in this series, namely:

  • Steve Durbin’s contribution to the Astana Club Top 10 Risks for Eurasia 2021 focused on Digital Totalitarianism and the Global Cyber Crisis as the world experiences a global cyber disruption.
  • Jonathan Brill – Future-proof your business to survive and profit from radical change.
  • Josh Jackson – The positive benefits of AI.

So I think that AI is a really positive element. I think that one of the other things about it that we’ve learnt through the pandemic actually is that people are actually pretty good at communicating with each other remotely.