Lost in Regulation: Bridging the cyber security gap for SMEs

Brian Lord - Former Civil Servant and CEO of Protection Group International
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In today’s regulatory landscape, small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) face many cybersecurity hurdles. ISF CEO Steve Durbin is joined by ​​​​​​former civil servant, Brian Lord to discuss the obstacles SMEs face as suppliers to government bodies, especially concerning the vast quantities of data they manage. Despite free guidance from the NCSC to aid regulatory compliance, it is not enough. Brian advocates for enhanced public-private cooperation through information sharing to assist small commercial entities in overcoming the knowledge gap.

…A small organisation, does it have that kind of knowledge, that kind of capability, that kind of expertise, to be able to build defenses to these regulatory standards? And I think invariably, the answer was no…


Tune in to hear more about:
1. The National Cybersecurity Organization is part of GCHQ, serving to set regulatory standards and safeguards, communicate novel threats, and uphold national security measures in the digital space. (5:42)
2. Steve and Brian discuss existing challenges of small organizations lacking knowledge and expertise to meet cybersecurity regulations, leading to high costs for external advice and testing. (7:40)