The AI Playbook: Leveraging machine learning to grow your business

Eric Siegel
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As organisations bid to improve business performance by rushing to adopt the latest AI buzzword, AI expert Eric Siegel explores the considerations needed to ensure these powerful tools deliver tangible results.

ISF CEO Steve Durbin probes Eric on the true parameters of predictive and generative AI, offering pause-for-thought around their future impact on business operations and predictive analytics programs.

…the hype wants to say that we’re headed towards general human level capabilities…I think that’s overkill, it’s a mismanagement of expectations…the real question is how far is it going to get?…

Tune in to hear Eric and Steve talk about...

  1. Designing a project involving predictive analytics does require quality data and specific domain areas. (3:00)
  2. Generative analytics is still in early stages, and popular notions around its use currently differ from what can reasonably be expected or achieved (4:42)
  3. Using AI to work with errors and improve a system requires quality data and carefully applied labels  (11:59)