The Best of the ISF Podcast
2022… So Far

Steve Durbin
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Over the past weeks, you’ve heard encore presentations of some of our favourite episodes this year throughout our Summer Listening programme. As we look ahead to Season 14, we are taking this moment to reflect on the highlights from our guest interviews during 2022 so far.

Today’s episode features standout moments from Steve Durbin, Chief Executive of the ISF, in conversation with:

  • David Thornewill – Group CISO at DHL
  • Marc Gibson – Owner and CEO of DThree Technologies
  • Alexander Seger – Head of Cybercrime at the Council of Europe
  • Mark Ralls – President and COO of Invicti Security
  • Carl Allen – Private Equity Investor and Co-Founder of Prox Capital Group and the Dealmaker Wealth Society
  • Adam Rumanek – Founder and CEO of Aux Mode.

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