The Never Normal

Peter Hinssen and Steve Durbin
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ISF CEO Steve Durbin interviews repeat guest Peter Hinssen about the future of work post-pandemic. They discuss the need for leaders to navigate their workforce through the “never normal” by acknowledging constant change. Peter emphasises the need for adaptation in the face of rapid technological advancements, and the necessity for organisations to proactively address governance and regulatory concerns.

…We’re going to have to deal with governance of content, unstructured flows…new technologies, new mechanisms, new ways of dealing with that…

Tune in to hear Peter and Steve discuss:

1. COVID’s impact on the future of work (1:40)
2. Sunsetting pre-pandemic business norms while imagining new ones (2:47)
3. Companies in every sector will be reinventing themselves in order to thrive in the new “never normal.” (6:33)
4. As AI and large language models are integrated into global business, what’s next for business leaders? (14:12)