The World Economy: Politics & regulations intertwined

Nicholas Witchell and Steve Durbin
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Data, Supply Chains, Regulations – this week Nicholas Witchell and Steve Durbin explore a variety of themes in relation to the world economy. Steve reflects on the current political climate, sharing his thoughts on the ever-increasing government data regulations burdening businesses, and the impact of geopolitical conflicts on international trade policy.

…We’ve got things like NIS 2, we’ve got DORA, and that’s just across Europe… If you go to the United States, it’s even worse, because you’ve got state-based variations…

Tune in to hear more about:

1. Conflicts such as the war in Ukraine shine a particular light on organisations’ areas of vulnerability. (2:42)
2. In the context of global warming, quantum computing poses major challenges. (5:50)
3. As quantity of data increases exponentially, so does the importance of quality. (9:33)