Managing Supply Chain Risk the ISF Way

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Date and Time 15th April 2021 , 1:00pm
Location Online

This event is available to watch on-demand

The ISF recently hosted a panel discussion with guests from Nokia and Skanska AB and our in-house Supply Chain expert, Richard Absalom, on how organisations can learn to effectively address risk management and security across their supply chain ecosystems.

In this session, our guest speakers demonstrate how they are effectively addressing supply chain risk management and security in their own organisations and across their supply chain ecosystems. They highlight how ISF tools, methodologies, frameworks and reports assist in making this challenge easier to manage.

Listeners will learn how to:

  • Identify risks and threats across the entire supply chain ecosystem
  • Review, assess and manage information security across suppliers, vendors and contractors
  • Build regional strategic best practice for continuous supply chain assurance.

About our speakers

Richard Absalom, Senior Research Analyst, ISF

Richard Absalom’s work involves investigating, clarifying and sharing best practice with ISF Member organisations.

His research at the ISF has covered topics as varied as supply chain security, artificial intelligence, security assurance, secure Agile development, mobile app security, and identifying future information risks for the flagship Threat Horizon report series.

Dan Norman, Senior Solutions Analyst, ISF

Dan Norman is a Senior Solutions Analyst at the ISF, helping ISF Members to manage current and emerging information/cyber risks. Dan’s historical focus has been on threat intelligence and technology forecasting, with emphasis on running cyber security exercises to prepare organisations for future threats. Dan is also the lead author of the human-centred security research series, which leverages psychological theory to understand manipulative attack techniques and identifies how weaknesses in the human mind can lead to security incidents.

Pentti Lehtinen, Lead Information Security Manager, Nokia

Pentti Lehtinen is the Lead Information Security Manager at Nokia with main responsibility for information security governance and risk management. He plays a key role in Nokia’s security and privacy ambition program by leading the development and implementation of the groupwide supply chain security framework. Pentti has over 20 years of experience in information security leadership and expertise roles in various organizations, holds a master’s degree in computer science, and is CISSP, CISM and CISA certified.

Thomas Keisu, CISO, Skanska AB

Thomas is now the Group CISO and Data Protection Manager at Skanska Group HQ after returning back 4.5 year ago. During the last 30 + years in the security and risk field a majority of my time have been spend in the Central Bank environment, Banking sector, and Construction industry. The organizations I have worked for during the last seven years have been members of ISF, which has given me the possibility to be introduced to the research and tools provided by ISF and to use them in my daily work but also to contribute during workshops held by ISF.

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