Subnet Masks Required: How Covid-19 is changing the cyber security landscape

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Date and Time 03rd September 2020 , 2:00pm
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Covid-19 has forced many companies to work remote which has increased their risk surface.

On Thursday 3rd September at 14:00 BST, the ISF will be joined by SecurityScorecard and Seth Wahle, Cyber Security Principle at NASA, for a live webinar exploring how COVID-19 is changing the cybersecurity landscape

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Risks now facing network security with consumer grade equipment at the perimeter.
  • Difficulties of managing and securing your threat surface with a remote workforce.
  • Poor management leading to miss-configurations, resulting in negative incidents.
  • Changes you can make to secure your network and protect your assets.

Seth Wahle, a U.S. Navy veteran, was featured in Forbes and BBC for hacking android phones using an implanted NFC chip in 2015. After selling his cyber security company, Seth now supports NASA’s Agency Applications Office.

Seth is additionally a major advocate for privacy and cyber security and is a frequent speaker at conferences such as the National Cyber Summit, Defcon, and HackMiami.

Watch on-demand

This event took place on another website