Why 5G security standards are so important and what is the latest progress?

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Date and Time 26th January 2021 , 1:00pm

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Hear from Yoann Klein, Senior Cyber Security Advisor at Huawei as he discusses the latest in 5G security standards.

5G promises many new capabilities and use cases, making this technology the coming preferred platform for the digitalized world. That is why security and resilience of our telco networks will become even more critical in the future. Our 5G networks must be built on a strong assurance system.

NESAS is a collaborative, agreed and promoted standard amongst the telco industry. From vendors to operators but also at governmental level, it is perceived as the major foundation for answering our telco security challenges. But what is exactly the NESAS standard? How is it making 5G more secure? And what can we expect from it today and in the future?

This webinar proposed an overview of the 5G security standard ecosystem and to discover what are the latest updates on NESAS.

This event took place on another website