We recognise that the day-to-day demands of information security can make finding time for longer-term threat assessment a challenge.  Yet the threat landscape is evolving at light-speed; 5G will soon deliver the superfast communications we expect but enable the equally fast spread of malware attacks; interdependent networks such as IoT, critical infrastructure and cloud based assets are increasingly attractive targets for crippling an organisation.

We are more dependent than ever on technology and so continue to be targets for innovative and determined attackers.

ISF Consultancy Threat Horizon is designed to produce a forward-looking threat assessment  aligned to your business strategy.  With insight from our annual Threat Horizon forecast and the ISF Threat Radar tool our consultants work with you and your team to navigate through future threats, identifying those most relevant to your organisation, and building tailored cybersecurity recommendations.


ISF Consultancy Threat Horizon means:

  • early insight into approaching cyber threats
  • tailored recommendations for mitigation and improved resilience
  • sound context for effective risk management activities
  • shared awareness of risk within the business
  • greater visibility of security’s role in enabling the business
  • a process for futureproofing your organisation

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Threat Horizon

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