Information Security Forum’s Nick Frost will be taking part in an interactive Q&A discussion at this year’s Infosecurity Europe 2018 with BrightTalk.

What are the lessons learned from the biggest ransomware attacks to date (Wannacry, NotPetya)? How are organizations preparing against the next big attack?

Join top security experts for this interactive Q&A discussion on:
– Trends in ransomware attacks
– Backups, patches and other ways to protect your data
– How to bolster your organization’s security culture
– Other threats on the horizon

– Nick Frost, Principal Consultant, Information Security Forum (ISF)
– Raja Mukerji, Co-Founder and President, ExtraHop
– Patrick Grillo, Senior Director Solutions Marketing, Fortinet
– Rob McGovern, Technical Product Manager, LogRhythm

The session was streamed LIVE from London at the Infosecurity Europe conference.