All organisations have tools and strategies for keeping attackers out. But what if you could distract and frustrate attackers by making them *think* they’ve gotten your crown jewels? In this webinar, experts discuss emerging tools and strategies for cyber threat deception, which enables you to put your attackers into a juicy-looking, yet bogus environment that keeps them away from your actual data.

On Tuesday 22nd September, 16:00 BST, Daniel Norman, Senior Solutions Analyst at the ISF, will be a speaker on a DarkReading webinar.

Daniel will be discussing:

  • What are deception technologies, techniques and methods? What is the history behind them? Who uses them at the moment?
  • Why might an organisation use deception technologies?
  • How might deception technologies fit into a wider information security strategy? How can we operationalise deception? Is it right for everyone?
  • How might deception technologies work alongside preventative and other detective controls? What are the key differences?

Attend this webinar and you’ll:

  • Learn how deception can be used — for detecting threats, misdirecting adversaries, learning attacker behaviour, and more
  • Get tips for making convincing decoys and tempting lures
  • See how sophisticated threat deception technology works

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