Acutely aware of the adverse business impact of security incidents, organisations are seeking to reduce their exposure and keep their assets secure. Building a successful Security Operations Centre (SOC) can greatly enhance the ability to detect and disrupt cyber attacks, protecting the business from harm.

A SOC serves as the eyes and ears of an organisation, sounding the alarm when suspicious or anomalous activity is detected and enabling a rapid response to reduce the potential impact and severity of security incidents. Without a SOC, organisations lack real-time visibility of threats, impeding their ability to protect business critical assets and effectively manage information risks.

The ISF report, Building a Successful SOC, explores the key elements that are integral to optimising a SOC’s performance, realising operational efficiency and pursuing innovation. It equips organisations with a practical understanding of how to design, establish and enhance a SOC that is both empowered by the business, and aligned with business requirements.

Threat intelligence is an imperative element of a successful Security Operations Centre (SOC). It provides SOC analysts with situational awareness and actionable insights to accelerate security analysis and prevent security incidents. Author of Building A Successful SOC, Dr Emma Bickerstaffe discusses this further in her webinar, listen here.  

Also, Emma and Jamie Cowper, Product Marketing Manager at IBM Security, join the podcast for a discussion about building and enhancing a SOC, or “the eyes and ears of an organisation.” They cover business drivers for improving a SOC; perspectives on internal, external, and hybrid models; and the five core capabilities of a SOC, the full podcast is available here.

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Building A Successful SOC: Detect Earlier, Respond Faster

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