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Human-Centred Security Assessment


How do you manage human cyber risk?

An ISF Human-Centred Security Assessment utilises a structured research process to gather real-world security needs from various functional groups within your organisation. Based on intensive analysis, ISF then identifies critical gaps, challenges and opportunities to improve cyber resilience, tailored to your organisation’s particular needs. Clients report breakthroughs in their understanding and a new-found ability to deliver nuanced security awareness and training that directly address the requirements of people in key business functions.

ISF Services can help:
  • determine the reasons individuals exhibit poor security behaviour
  • identify the most effective ways to equip your workforce to better protect and defend your organisation
  • secure your organisation from the front lines to the back office by engaging critical stakeholders.
Who will this help?

Board and C-suite | CISO and senior security team | Risk, audit and compliance teams | Security, education, training and awareness practitioners | Line of business management.


Performing an ISF Human-Centred Security Assessment provides you with:

Gain first-hand, authentic insights into the mindset, behaviour and culture of your workforce.

Implement human-centred transformational change by integrating security into everyday business workflows.

Identify critical gaps, both localised and organisation-wide, to directly address the needs of the business with security education, training and awareness investment.

Understand the real-life pressures your workforce face in their different roles, highlight specific cyber vulnerabilities and needs for reinforcement.

Want to find out more?

Get in touch to discuss how an ISF Human-Centred Security Assessment can engage your workforce to better protect your organisation from attack.



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