The annual Threat Horizon report series provides a practical way for organisations to take a forward-looking view of increasing threats. Understanding these threats is fundamental to aligning business and security strategy.

Cyberspace doesn’t stand still: it is a potentially dangerous place that changes continually. It is a place where hacktivists and cybercriminals are honing their skills and governments are introducing new regulation and legislation in response to major incidents and public concerns. Threat Horizon 2017 examines this environment. It looks ahead two years, identifying and analysing new or emerging threats that may impact the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and provides recommendations to manage these risks.

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This report is being made publicly available to encourage all organisations – not just ISF Members – to plan ahead and manage emerging information security risks effectively.

The Executive Summary provides a high level outline of the problems and solutions associated with this topic.

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Threat Horizon 2017: Dangers accelerate

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