The ISF launches its annual Threat Horizon report

Over the next two to three years, organisations will face regular and complex decisions as the very foundations of today’s digital world will shake – violently. Protecting critical information assets and systems with existing solutions will be exposed as inadequate, as innovative and determined attackers – which will include nation states, terrorist groups and organised criminals – will combine to threaten even the strongest establishments.

Intended for business leaders who want to understand cyber risks and their potential impacts, Threat Horizon 2020 balances today’s realities with forecasts that push the limits of thinking. It provides a practical, forward-looking view of the emerging threats to enable a better prepared, strategic approach to managing and mitigating risk.

The report also incorporates the Threat Radar, offering a way to visualise the extent of impending threats to the organisation, and identify areas that require investment or further development to support the business in the future.

Threat Horizon 2020 presents nine threats, broken down into the following three themes:

1.1 Cyber and physical attacks combine to shatter business resilience
1.2 Satellites cause chaos on the ground
1.3 Weaponised appliances leave organisations powerless

2.1 Quantum arms race undermines the digital economy
2.2 Artificially intelligent malware amplifies attackers’ capabilities
2.3 Attacks on connected vehicles put the brakes on operations

3.1 Biometrics offer a false sense of security
3.2 New regulations increase the risk and compliance burden
3.3 Trusted professionals divulge organisations weak points

Report & Press Release

Threat Horizon 2020:  Foundations Start To Shake

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