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Risk Practitioner Training


How do you educate and inspire new practitioners?

Risk Practitioner Training from ISF provides a high-impact, best-in-class learning programme targeted at everyone in information security. This tailored training programme is based upon ISF research and targets your organisations unique business needs. Risk Practitioner Training is specifically designed to develop and monitor progress for the individual as well as the business.

Why work with ISF to run your Risk Practitioner Training engagement?
  • leverage ISF’s powerful learning platform – comprising e-learning, live instructor‑led sessions and a final applied learning assignment – ensuring the participant applies what they learn within their own role and organisation
  • the training programme can be delivered either on-site or remotely, using group‑facilitated sessions (6–9 participants)
  • those who complete the course receive certification for their personal record of accomplishment, as well as meeting requirements for regulated industries to show completion of cyber skills training.
Who will this help?

Business information security managers and officers | Information security practitioners | Information risk managers and officers | Information security ‘champions’ | Risk owners and other business stakeholders.


Running an ISF Risk Practitioner Training engagement enables your team to:

Better understand the links between security threats, vulnerabilities, and business risks.

Trace how external changes impact risk management activities and priorities.

Improve communication with risk owners and business stakeholders.

Focus on adopting a growth mindset toward managing information risk.

Want to find out more?

Get in touch to discuss how ISF Risk Practitioner Training can inspire the next generation of information security practitioners and leaders at your organisation.

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