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Cyber Insurance:
Is it worth the risk?

Navigate the intricacies of cyber insurance
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The constant onslaught of successful cyber attacks has propelled organisations to take up cyber insurance to protect their business from the severe losses that can be inflicted. Cyber insurance is generally purchased as a risk treatment measure, but it does not eliminate the risk nor is it an alternative to implementing robust security controls. Instead, it compensates organisations for certain financial losses resulting from an incident, while also providing access to the expertise necessary to coordinate a response and resume business operations as quickly as possible.

This ISF briefing paper enables you to navigate the intricacies of the market and complexities of a cyber insurance policy by:

  • Clarifying the type of financial losses covered by cyber insurance
  • Outlining key considerations for evaluating whether cyber insurance is a worthwhile investment
  • Explaining how to maximise cyber insurance to manage incidents effectively and increase resilience.

The cyber insurance market has enjoyed sustained growth in its relatively short history, but it can be volatile as it adjusts to increasingly sophisticated cyber risks. As a result, there can be uncertainty as to exactly what is covered by cyber insurance and what is not.

Want to be able to answer key questions stakeholders consider when reviewing a cyber insurance policy?

To better understand policy, and insurance coverage, download the paper today.

Navigate the intricacies of cyber insurance
Download the briefing paper